Recruit the right person
Recruit the right person
1 Supply chain Director (Salary 15-20K)

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the operation of the entire supply chain of the company, participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy and annual business plan, organize the formulation and implementation of supply chain strategic planning;

2、According to the company's strategic needs, develop and improve the practical resource development, procurement, warehousing, production and other work processes, implement monitoring and management to ensure smooth business and process compliance;

3、Establish and improve supplier development, maintenance, tracking and evaluation systemReasonable control of procurement costs;

4、Collect market information according to the company's needs, analyze and compare the regional distribution, technical capability, service level and price of mainstream suppliers and competitors in the industry; 5. Cooperate with internal and external parties of the supply chain, including suppliers, etc., promote the planning, implementation and follow-up of cross-system and departmental cooperation projects, and be responsible for the delivery of expected project objectives and results output;

6、In-depth business and combined with business needs to explore, promote inventory model innovation and application landing, precipitation best practices and operational experience;

7. Output professional training and guidance for the supply chain team, improve the capacity of the supply chain team, and ensure the standard and efficient operation of the supply chain business。

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, major in supply chain management, purchasing, logistics, etc.

2、Years or more电商Working experience as a supply chain director in an enterprise; familiar with supply chain management; rich experience in production management, cost control, procurement management and logistics management;Deep professional background and rich practical experience in enterprise supply chain management;

3、Good conduct, high sense of responsibility and professional ethics;

4, good communication and negotiation skills, can withstand high-intensity work pressure, can adapt to fast-paced working style, has a good cross-team cooperation and team management skills。

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1 Platform Operation director (salary 20-25K)

Job responsibilities:

1、Connect with the brand, formulate the overall business plan, accurately position the account, identify the rival products and target groups in the subcategories, and accurately formulate the account operation strategy;

2、Overall management of an account's live broadcast, short video, crowd data, traffic splitting, private domain operation and other overall planning work;

3、Good content planning ability, able to grasp the tone of the brand, fit the hot content of the platform, coordinate the director and shooting and editing, complete the production and release of short videos;  

4、Have good data analysis, traffic dismantling, business-oriented thinking, through the self-broadcast, short video, master live broadcast to achieve sales targets, for the accountResponsible for GMV, GPM and ROI;

5、Organize and coordinate live broadcast operation, planning and directing, store operation, and work of horizontal departments such as media, shooting and editing, and visual design team。

Job Requirements:

1、本科Degree or aboveWorking years shall not be less than5 years, including more than 2 years of Tiktok operation experience, at least 1 year of overall management and trading experience in Tiktok Blue V or Dandan, proficient in platform traffic rules, platform resources and docking experience;

2、As a leading member, have a successful start and achieve monthly sales over5 million case experience, the overall ROI of the project is not less than 5;

3、Good leadership and coordination ability, experience in cross-department coordination, experience in docking planning and directing, visual design, and external suppliers;

4、There are rich resources of construction, video streaming, anchors, models, talent, and star anchors, which can timely respond to different needs of projects。

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1 HR Director (Salary 15-20K)


1、Establish and improve the company's human resource management system, formulate, reform and improve the human resource management system and promote the implementation;

2、Develop and implement the company's recruitment plan according to the business development plan, establish a continuous and effective talent supply model, and ensure the effective supply of talents;

3、Develop and establish employee position development plan to ensure reasonable, competitive and stimulating employee development path;

4、According to the company's requirements for performance management, formulate evaluation policies, organize the implementation of performance management, supervise and control the performance evaluation process of each department, solve problems in time, so as to implement the performance evaluation system and constantly improve the performance management system;

5、Provide advice to senior decision makers on human resource strategy, organizational structure construction, etc., and strive to improve the overall management level of the company;

6、Establish smooth communication channels within the company, timely understand the opinions and ideas of employees, and give reasonable suggestions to relevant departments;

7、Organize and promote the construction of corporate culture, provide a favorable cultural environment, and enhance corporate cohesion。

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above;

2、More than 8 years working experience in human resources, more than 5 years management experience;

3、Systematic grasp of modern enterprise human resource management mode, human resource strategic planning and each module work Have deep understanding and skillful operation skills;

4、Strong planning ability and execution ability;

5、Have affinity, excellent communication, coordination and team leadership skills;

6、Familiar with national and regional labor laws, regulations, policies and provisions。

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